Capitol Forest!

On July 1st, my brother, his friend Michael, myself, and my boyfriend Andy all decided to go camp out deep inside of Capitol Forest.

We arrived at our destination sometime after 9pm. I made sure, beforehand, to read all of the rules and regulations for campfires to ensure that we’d be in the clear to have one when we got out there because of the recent burn ban. As my brother and Michael were putting their tent up, the sun was setting and Andrew was working on building a campfire so that we could have some source of light to set up our own tent. I made sure that everything fell into the rules that I had read on the website earlier so as to not cause some kind of a ruckus with the nonexistent park rangers.

After we got our tent up, got everything situated, and older woman came over and scolded us for having a campfire. We explained that we checked beforehand to make sure that we could, that we looked up all of the rules, etc, she claimed that she would go and look the next day, while calling us a bunch of morons and walking away. All the boys got feisty, I just sat there calmly reciting the rules for campfires during burn bans.. Apparently, when it comes to rules and regulations, I have some kind of a weird eidetic memory.

The four of us went through two six packs of beer and a jar of moonshine, everyone was having a great time. Eventually we put the fire out and all went to bed. Sleeping was rough, the ground was super hard, our tent was in a bad place (totally my own fault). I woke up in the morning to Andy hitting me because he was having a dream that he was rolling around on the ground fighting some kid from back in high school. I felt like my hip was dying all night, I shivered and tried to huddle against Andy for warmth, but it didn’t help much. I woke up feeling like my head was full of cotton from not sleeping properly.

After the rude awakening, Andy made us all bacon and eggs for breakfast, burning himself all over his legs with grease in the process (poor guy!). After breakfast, we laid down for a nap and my brother and Michael sat around and chatted about stuff by the campfire. Around 10am, the same lady returned and apologized for the misunderstanding; apparently she had gone and checked the rulings for campfires and discovered that she’d been wrong for the last week she’d been camping.. Imagine that, camping a week with no campfire. She said she’d be leaving, said she had a bunch of firewood we could have, explained that she hadn’t had coffee the entire time.. We laughed and said it was alright, and thank you. She did have quite a bit of wood.

Andy and I woke up around 11am, Phillip and Michael were gone… We decided to go for a walk and explore the camp-area. We found a creek, caught some crawdads and threw them into our 5-gallon bucket, I snapped some pictures, and we got back to the camp just in time for my brother and Michael to show up around 230. We ran back into town to get a few more food-supplies, clothes for Andy, and then headed back out to the campsite.

When we got back, we kicked the fire up and cooked dinner… I feel like the camping all went by too fast. I’m so use to going camping for more than just a couple nights at a time. I’m so use to having days and days of exploring, hiking, picking berries, fishing, etc. I definitely want to return to capitol forest. Sometimes I feel like time just passes by too quick when you’re suppose to be out having fun. I wish I could spend an entire summer camping, but then I remember showers.. And I remember how great it is to not be sleeping on a super hard ground.

I’d say, overall, the camping experience was a good one. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 stars, just because it felt short-lived and because sleeping on the ground was rough. WILL TRY AGAIN.